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Buchs Gérald, BSc (Eng),

CIGRE Distinguished Member


Management of Risk in substation


G.BUCHS, General Manager, Engineering and Maintenance Dept.


Gérald started his career with Brown Bovery, which became ABB, and he spent 24 years in the field of building turnkey substations in the Middle East and Far East.  He also spent time in the manufacturing of HV equipment, in production of insulating components and in the treatment of electrical insulation, solid and liquid.  From 2008 to October 2012 he was in charge of the Department of Design and Maintenance of Alpiq HV Network, this network is now part of Swissgrid, the Swiss TSO.  From 2013 to October 2018 he was acting as General Manager of the Engineering and Maintenance Department of Alpiq EnerTrans Ltd.  Gerald is now continuing his activities in the company Bouygues E&S EnerTrans Ltd, The French Group Bouygues Construction bought the service activities of the Group Alpiq in October 2018.  Active in CIGRE since 1996 as an observer, he later becomes a member of Working Group A3.23, became a Swiss member of study committee B3 in 2010 and has been a member of Working Group B3.31 and B3.32. He was Convenor of Working Group B3-38, “Management of risk in substations”.  The final report was printed in June 2018 as Technical Brochure No.734.

René Smeets (Ph.D),

KEMA Laboratories of DNV GL 


Innovations in T&D switching technology

René Peter Paul Smeets received a Ph.D degree for research work on switchgear in 1987.


Until 1995, he was an assistant professor at Eindhoven University. During 1991 he worked with Toshiba Corporation in Japan. In 1995, he joined KEMA, the Netherlands. At present, he is with KEMA Laboratories of DNV GL, as a service area and innovation leader. In 2001 he was appointed part-time professor at Eindhoven University, the Netherlands in the field of high-power switching and testing technology.

 In 2013 he became adjunct professor at Xi’an Jiaotong University, China.

 Dr. Smeets is convener/member of working groups and study/advisory committees of CIGRE in the field of emerging high-voltage equipment such as high-voltage vacuum -, HVDC switchgear and SF6 alternatives. He is member of CIGRE SC A3 for the Netherlands.

 He was convener of CIGRE A3.27 (high-voltage vacuum switchgear), was secretary of CIGRE WG A3B4.34 (HVDC switchgear) and at present he is convener of CIGRE WG A3.41 (impact of SF6 alternatives on switching).

As a workpackage leader in the EU Horizons 2020 project PROMOTioN (“Progress on meshed HVDC offshore transmission networks”) he is responsible for testing of various technologies of HVDC circuit breakers.

He is convener of two maintenance teams in IEC on high-voltage switchgear.

Dr. Smeets published and edited three books and authored over 300 international papers on testing and switching in power systems; in addition he conducted many tutorials and workshops all over the world.

In 2008 he was elected Fellow of IEEE and since 2008 he is chairman of the “Current Zero Club”, a scientific study committee on current interruption.

He received seven international awards, among which two from CIGRE.


Nenad Uzelac (MSEE, MS),

G&W Electric


Non-Intrusive Condition Assessment of T&D  Switchgear

 Global Research & Standards Manager at G&W Electric

 Received MSEE in 1995 in Serbia and MS in Design &   Development in 2004 in Chicago. 20 years R&D   experience in MV Switchgear equipment –from   conceptual ideas to commercialization.Current chairman   of CIGRE A3 “Transmission and Distribution”   Equipment   Study Committee Current chairman of IEEE   Switchgear Technology and Innovation   Subcommittee.Research Interests: Switching   Technologies, Internal Arc Studies, Condition   Assessment, Low Power Instrument Transformers.

Simon RYDER,



Transformer Post-Mortem Analysis 


Simon RYDER was born in England in 1973.  He studied Engineering Science at St John’s College, Oxford University, between 1992 and 1996.  He worked for GEC Alsthom and later Alstom between 1997 and 2003, in transformer design, development, and eventually research.  He is known for his work on thermal characteristics of transformers and frequency response analysis (FRA).  He joined Doble in 2003, initially working mainly on transformer life management.  He has wide experience of transformer and shunt reactor post-mortem analysis, in Great Britain and overseas.

He is a senior member of IEEE-PES, a fellow of IET, and a Chartered Engineer.  He was a member of CIGRE working groups A2.36 on transformer procurement and D1/A2.47 on advances in DGA interpretation; convenor of CUGRE working group A2.48 on shunt reactors; and a co-editor of the CIGRE Green Book on transformer procurement.  He is also chairman of CIGRE Study Committee A2 on power transformers and reactors.

Doina Ilisiu,



Demand side response and distributed generation aggregation supplying ancillary services.

Opportunities and bottlenecks.


Doina Ilisiu graduated “Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest “, the Faculty of Energetic, section Electrical - in 1984; and post graduated “Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest “, the Automatic Faculty (1989),Numerical control of industrial processes” course. Since 1984 she has been engineer, researcher III degree in ICEMENREG (Institute of research and modernization in energetic domain). Since 2002 she worked in National Dispatch Center, as head of Technical Control of Grid Cod Requirements Compartment and was involved in others team activities: Issuing of the National HV Grid Code; the National Commercial Code - consultant, Responsive on connection to the grid of generation units (included WPP&PHPP), elaborator of  Connection Requirements national implementation of COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2016/631, 2016/1388, 2016/1447; author of Procedures: Units Tests for Primary Control, Unit Tests for Secondary Control, Procedure for monitoring and evaluating the Units in secondary control, Procedure for Qualifying Producers of generating units  for Ancillary Services.

She is appointed member in UCTE association, permanent member in two Sub-Groups: “TSO-Forum” – responsible of Primary Reserve calculation for component TSOs and UCTE LFC performance monitoring; “Experts of Power System Stability” (for WAMS- Wide Area Measurement System- problems) and Working Groups: “Load Frequency Control – Compensation”, “Primary control reserve and Load shading (2007)”; from 2008 member in CIGRE- CN (National Association), president of National Committee CN CIGRE C2 from 2014.


Ciprian Diaconu,



Impact of large RES on system development 


Ciprian Diaconu - Chairman of Romanian NC CIGRE, Director at the Romanian Transmission and System Operator - CNTEE Transelectrica

In 30 years of experience in the High Voltage Networks, Mr. Ciprian Diaconu achieved considerable knowledge in development, operation and maintenance, project management and others.

Mr. Ciprian Diaconu graduated the Technical University of Bucharest in 1986 and in 2009 he obtained the PhD degree from Technical University of Timisoara in Asset Management.

During his activity in network utilities Mr. Ciprian Diaconu hold different managerial positions as Director, Deputy General Director, member of Directorate and member of the Supervisory Board within Romanian Transmission and System Operator - Transelectrica. Main responsibilities where: system development and grid connection, asset management and maintenance, development and rehabilitation projects.

From 2009-2015 he was representing Transelectrica in the ENTSO-E’s System Development Committee.

Within CIGRE he started activity in early 2000 as a one of the founders of Romanian National Committee.

He was member of Study Committee B3 “Substations” from 2006 to 2014, member of the Study Committee C1 “System development and Economics” from 2014 till today, member of several WG's within B5, B3, C1.

From 2010 Mr. Ciprian Diaconu hold the Chairman position of the Romania National Committee of CIGRE and also he was member of the CIGRE Administrative Council.

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