Call for Papers

CIGRE SC A3 colloquium (SC B3 participation)



Call for Papers:

Prospective authors should submit a synopsis, not more than 500 words in English.


The synopsis should include the preferential subjects addressed in the paper, Title, Authors’ names, Affiliation(s), post and e-mail addresses before the text, and should be submitted from the web site.


The text of the synopsis should make it clear which of the preferential subjects it addresses, the main points of the paper and its innovative contribution as well as the inclusion of practical results.


Submission should be made on the web site before 15th April 2019 and acceptance of synopsis will be acknowledged before 15th May 2019.


Authors whose synopsis are selected for development into full contributions will be requested to provide a typescript of up to 6 pages in length of A4 papers with the instruction for the full paper on the web site.

 Preferential Subjects

PS1: Lifetime Management of increasing Ageing transmission and distribution assets, Asset decision support tools

PS2: New challenges including monitoring and diagnostics of substation and equipment for future T&D network

PS3: Impact of Rapid Penetration of renewables, distributed generation and energy storage on substation and equipment

PS4: Application of information technology tools for development & management of substation equipment 

 Colloquium Location:

The colloquium will be held at Radisson Blu Hotel, Bucharest.



Important Dates:

Authors are kindly requested to take note of the following deadlines:

Submission of Synopsis : 15th April 2019

Notification of Acceptance : 15th May 2019

Submission of Papers, Copyright Form and Registration Form : 30th June 2019


Synopsis and Paper Submission:

Synopses and papers are to be submitted using the automated forms at the colloquium web site:



The working language of the Colloquium will be English. All the information and communications will in English.  All the printed materials will be published in English.



        Participants to CIGRE SC A3 colloquium (SC B3 participation) are requested to register to CMDM 2019.

The general program for the Colloquium and Tutorials will be issued in May 2019, with all information on the program, accommodation, etc.

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